The Last Issue

Timeless Teenage (14+) Notes on Eng. Lit. (with a sidelong glance at other



T.(H)ardy: From Melancholy(flower) to Triumph(spitfire).

B. Everdene’s (KAMPF)jet black hair is the catalyst of G. Oak’s WELTSHMERZ”.

(So, why was the blonde Julie Christie cast as B. Everdene in the film version?)

Sgt Troy is a LÜSTLING and cad”.

Good luck to him, I say!”

Boldwood is (Z)WAN(G)KHAFT”.

The Norbury rustics show that England is a village.

No chance here of rule by workers’ collective,


confiscating the means of production (m.o.p.).

(Milk)Shake-speare – Lesson on register of language:

Henry IVPart One essentially characterises a destitute and adipose

sexagenarian, a privileged, slim juvenile delinquent, and their ambivalent

symbiosis.” (B.A. Hons. Upper Second: Good 50s red brick).

Henry IV Part One is basically about a poor old fat man,

a spoilt young thin man, and their love-hate relationship.”

(GCE Pass at grade 6)

Out of the mouths of babes and sucklings …!”

A Summer 1967 failed attempt to scandalise AEB*:

Keats’ Poetry: (Seductive as)SEKT on (silk) LIN-GERIE (and the Pacemakers).”


*Associated Examining Board

 Clifford James Middleton.


I am a native of Derby in the British East Midlands. I have lived in Germany since 1983.




Swift railed against the need to excrete.

Detesting his breakdown. Those bowels!

Mess of fucks. Trail of piss. And the turds.

‘Madam, the master’s shit on a newly made bed!’


No candlelit zone of repugnant pleasures now.

The Dean’s boudoir has vanished underground.

Beds of power stations beam much brighter,

recycling waste of strong anal dreams.


Waste to annoy Swiftian imitators, of modest

proposals, in the bedroom, for centuries to come.

Dig deep into the earth all nuclear Yahoos.

Long spent. Long Lived. Misty eyed for home.


 Alan Price


“My poem PURGATION was rejected by 5 magazines.

I don’t have the rejection slips to hand BUT The Morning

Star didn’t find it political enough. Whilst the editor

of THE RECUSANT thought it was a little too strong for

his readers.”


 Alan Price is a London poet who has been published in the magazines Envoi, Orbis, Poetry Monthly, The Interpreter’s House, Essence, Obsessed with Pipework, The Delinquent and The Royal Shakespeare Company Website. Price’s debut collection of poetry Outfoxing Hyenas was published by Indigo Dreams in 2012. He has recently written a poetry pamphlet Angels at the Edge – based on Walter Benjamin and Paul Klee, now desiring a publisher. And his second collection is almost complete. He is also a keen blogger of essays –



Monarchy: The YBA Solution


(1) Off with their heads.


(2) Pickle the heads

in formaldehyde.


(3) Mount the pickled heads

in a glass case

in the foyer

of Tate Britain.


(4) Entitle the work


The impossibility of equality

in the minds of the aristocracy.


Mark Rutter


“Not only have I found it impossible to publish poems which are critical of the monarchy, but every time I try to save this poem using its full title the computer tells me that it is an invalid file name! – even the computer rejects it…

 My poems have appeared in many magazines, and my most recent pamphlet is Basho In Acadia (Flarestack).  I am also a painter and book-artist.




This hotel has expensive shade.

In this secluded Mediterranean idyll

it is noon and outside the gardens endure the sun’s total glare.

But here cool marble flows unfriendly and immaculate,

while I sit and wait locked in time and forgotten.


A sideways glance and distant mirrors awake,

people hurry, hurtle towards me.

I long to see them enter warm and live

this animated group must transcend their reflection,

they will appear.  I rise from the sterile silent marble step

to hear the welcome music of their rising laughter.


The smeared glass door swings shut

for a moment they bloom in sepia and are gone.

Now I know they will never appear

they have passed beyond that reflection

stepping through other doors.


Love honeyed their warm voices,

clouded glass smudged their laughter.

Like faces in old photos, long forgotten,

that sadden the night.


Sylvia Fairclough


I have always worked in the public services NHS and the voluntary Sector and have always been writing stories, poems, articles. I had have had poems published in several anthologies:

eg: Images of Women Ed by Myra Schneider and Dilys Wood

     Her Mind’s Eye Ed Rachel Lever”