Welcome to Salon of the Refused

“Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.” Samuel Beckett

The Salon of the Refused is now closed to submissions. We’ve really enjoyed reading and publishing your orphan poems. Thank you to everyone who submitted poems and everyone who read the poems we published.

We frequently find ourselves lamenting the often capricious acceptance and rejection of poems by editors, and wonder how many fine poems never emerge into the sunshine of magazine publication because of individual taste or current fashions.

Salon of The Refused is our answer to this vexing problem: we have created it to scoop up at least some orphan poems that have not found a home. We have named it after the famous Paris Salon des Refusés (Exhibition of Rejects) of 1863 where great painters such as Manet and Pissarro exhibited works that had been rejected by the official salon.

Any poem that has been rejected four or more times either in a magazine or competition is eligible for publication in The Salon. Poets are invited to send one poem at a time.

No poem that follows these guidelines will be rejected. We understand this will result in a variation in quality, but that’s just the point.

Here you will find unpublished, rejected poems, loved and believed in by those who wrote them. If the poets believe in them, we will too.

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